Washington's 1986 Amnesty Bill Didn't Work Then. It Won't Work Now. Download your FREE e-book now.

Washington just gave us one more reason to be suspicious — putting amnesty into an immigration bill. Congress tried amnesty "for this one time only" in 1986. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Either they learn from history or they're doomed to repeat it.

There's a better way to strengthen the immigration system that focuses on the things that are supported by the majority of Americans:

  • Fix our slow, broken, lawful immigration system through step-by-step legislation that is simple, clear, and transparent. This creates opportunities for legislative victories that make it hard to hide loopholes or sweetheart deals for special interests.
  • Congress should keep the promises they made when they granted amnesty "for this one time only" in 1986.
  • Enforce our existing laws by imposing stiff fines on those who hire illegal immigrants.
  • Secure our borders - It is a top priority for Americans.

Don't put up with the costly, bureaucratic, special interest-loving approach to immigration reform. Know what's really going on in Washington and get information on the better way of fair, firm, and consistent immigration. Download your FREE e-book “A Better Way: 10 Steps for Fixing America’s Broken Border and Flawed Immigration System”.

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